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Mobile Application Development


As we all know Nowadays mobile phones have become as fundamental as our wallets and briefcases in our daily lives, development in this area continues at a rapid pace. Mobile phones have become a most important source of stimulation, correspondence and information in our daily lives.

What is Mobile Application?

The development of mobile applications is the set of procedures and methods that go into the composition of programming for small wireless computing devices, such as smartphones (android/iphone) or tablets. These applications can be pre-installed on some mobile phones during production, & some downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or released as web applications that use server-side or client-side preparation (eg. JavaScript) to provide a “like one” experience. application” within a web browser.


Our Android Development Team: Our Android app development team is experienced in developing Android devices including phones, tablets and phablets. We optimize the app design according to your needs so that the user experience in the app is personalized and has a minimal learning curve. Our Android app designers are obsessed with technology. They love what they do and you will love what they do too. The results speak for themselves if you want a native, polished and flawless Android app, please contact our Android app development company today.


Development of Mobile Apps

Concept Analysis

We make sure that your mobile app is a great concept and will help you to hone the idea to perfection. We’ll blueprint it for you and ensure that the idea is a great one before implementing.


We build a complete wireframe for your app before investing time in design and development. This is a key stage of bringing your idea to reality, when you can see your app on paper before the development stage.

App Design

Our team of experts will design a great looking, usable app for your business. We’ll also work through the entire development process, turning it from a rough outline to a polished product.

App Development

Whether you want rich graphics or data-centric content, our software developers can help create a truly innovative app.

App Testing

It’s important to know that your product works. That’s why we road test it thoroughly, making sure that it is performing to an optimum level.

App Publishing

Getting your app to market can sometimes be a complex process. We’re well versed in getting your app to the stores and can take on this job for you.

Marketing for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Promotion

We’ll help you to promote your app via social media, reviews & press releases, to create a real buzz for your product.

Analysis of Competitors

We’ll take the time to research your competitors and analyze just how they’re achieving good results with their app.

Store Wise Rankings

App stores often have a ranking system. We’ll make sure that your app is visible to your target market.

Reviewing Mobile Apps

Reports When it comes to mobile apps, we’re adept at knowing what works and what doesn’t. We’ll create detailed reports regarding design and layout and any other areas of concern, and recommend practical ways of perfecting your app.

Mobile App Content Audit -We’ll examine your app, down to the finest detail, to ensure that every detail is working on optimum to get results for your company.


Web Digital Dude has great experience generating & designing mobile apps and sites for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile platforms. An expert mobile app can expand your consumer base by simplifying the process of making your service or product available to existing customers. At Web Digital Dude Web Developers are trained in and use the best patterns and practices for cross-platform mobile app development. Web Digital Dude will help you design, develop, build, and film your mobile app while keeping the process as simple, straightforward, and inexpensive as you might expect.